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At Amigo Hire we are a different type of hire organisation, dedicated to ensuring that all your plant and power needs are met. We own and operate many unique pieces of plant that we have designed and built to be utilised in specialist applications.



We have a fleet of portable relocatable buildings which can be lifted as complete units and delivered direct to site by our own transport. These buildings are specifically designed to house switchgear and UPS equipment to maintain power to critical equipment such as rail signalling supplies and computer systems in the event of a DNO power outage. These are often used in conjunction with one of our generator sets which will act as a stand-by power source which are coupled to large bunded fuel tanks to give long running service should they be called upon. Add to the system remote condition monitoring to give peace of mind and reduce site attendance, which can be accessed to check the status of the supplies and can be programed to provide an alarm if a supply is lost.


The system works such it is connected to the main power supply and the critical load. If the supply fails the UPS holds the load without interruption whilst the generator starts up. Once the generator is up to speed the UPS again without loss to the load transfers to the generator which will then run until such time as the main power supply is re-instated. Once the main power supply has been proven for a predetermined period the system will then transfer the load without loss back onto the main power supply and shut down the generator which is then ready to be called into action again should it be required.



We can provide 500ltr bunded transport fuel tanks which are used to transport and re-fill the larger site tanks via the built in pump. These are particularly useful on sites where access by third parties is restricted. All our tanks comply with the latest environmental standards.

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500 litre Fuel Cube
2000l Fuel Tank
Temporary Supply Point (Temp PSP)
Temporary Generator
Fuel Tanks/Cubes

Bunded site and transportation fuel tanks to provide long run periods for generators on load.

Temporary PSPs

Relocatable Principle Supply Points to maintain supplies to critical equipment in the event of DNO power supply outages.

Temporary Generator Arrangements

Site Generators with optional remote monitoring to allow for offsite condition report and alarms.

All available with site delivery, installation and commissioning as required.


Kent House

Lower Oakham Way



NG18 5BY

Tel: 01623 415727


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